After 10 years with The Groundhawgs, Northwest Georgia bluegrass/Americana band, Jones has gone solo. As for highlights present and future, Jones’ first solo album, backed by his new band The Bucks, is entitled Revolver. The songs are not only well crafted from his strong literary standpoint, but are fused with the Appalachian styles from his childhood, nuances of reggae, resonating vocals, and country blues. The songs are gritty and beautifull. Rugged and polished. There is Jones’ unique guitar style, and there are also subtle world rhythms found within these songs. The songs are much like a cycle of short stories–there are wayfaring preachers on meth, drug dealers, Chinese workers committing suicide,soldiers–people scared by the town they’ve grown up in but in the end, they find redemption in Revolver. There are gospel songs in here. There are love songs. Yes, thematically, the songs touch on the complexities of love, being from a small town, and—sort of like the songs from The Groundhawgs’ self-titled release (2004)—cosmic forces and outer space. Of Jones’ songs, critic Cuba Rhodes proclaimed, “When I think of Jones’ solid song writing and musicianship, I can’t help wondering if a song about Earthlings (“The Planet Alabamie Rag”) might be exactly what Gram Parsons intended when proposed his dream of Cosmic American Music.”

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